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Tati 3x3

Free Hip-Hop Class?

Last minute cancellations become an outreach opportunity 25+ years in this business has taught me one thing…STUFF happens, life happens and sometimes an instructor has to cancel.  Early on, I used to get very stressed […]


First Breaking Battle!

Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival is proud to have our first breaking battle! Continuing with our mission of connecting women and girls around the world through the love of Hip-Hop we have added a breaking category […]

Mélissa “Melly Mel” Flérangile

T E A C H I N G: P A N T S U L A    Joining us for the 2015 Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival line-up is dancer, instructor, performer and amazing spirit, Mélissa “Melly […]

Momma's Kitchen

Momm’s Hip-Hop Kitchen

I hear only good things. Make sure to support. Performing: Jendog Lonewolf, Yalini Dream, Genesis B, DJ Quiana Parks, NeNe Ali, Likwuid, AtLas, Full Circle Soul Sisters Dancers, Colored Girls Hustle, London Bridgez, Femme Fatale […]

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